Published On: Wed, Oct 18th, 2017

Airberlin Goes Out With Terrifying Stunt

The last long-distance Airberlin flight is making headlines after the pilot buzzed the tower at Dusseldorf Airport before landing the aircraft.

The dangerous stunt made witnesses scream in terror, according to a report in the Mirror.

It’s not the only time air passengers were panicked this week. Just two days ago, an AirAsia flight crew terrified passengers onboard when they were unable to handle an emergency situation.

The bankrupt airline was making its final long-haul flight landing with 200 passengers onboard the plane which had traveled from Miami.

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A video of the landing shows the aircraft picking up speed on its final approach but then turning left toward the terminal. People inside the air traffic control tower can be heard clapping and the pilot says that Airberlin “will cease long-distance flights tomorrow.” He also thanked air traffic controllers for the many years they worked together.

While it may have been a moment of gratitude for the pilot and air traffic controllers, people on the ground weren’t aware of the plane’s next moves.

Employees and people on the terrace of the terminal building didn’t know what the plane was attempting and screamed in fear, according to the Mirror.

“It was a strange feeling when the A330 came right at us, as we did not know before that it would do an honorary lap,” said one airport employee.

An investigation into the stunt will take place.

The troubled airline has seen better days. Airberlin filed for bankruptcy earlier this year and announced that it will cease operations on Oct. 28.

The airline has negotiated a purchase with Lufthansa. Germany’s largest airline will take over 81 planes and hire 3,000 people from Airberlin as part of a $1.8 billion deal.

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